Super Mario World

Unhappy Mario … With one hand, the universe gives him, and the other takes. The mustachioed guy of the not the most respected profession managed to trick the princess, he would have been happy, but no! The princess is forever abducted! And again, in the Super Mario World Rom game of the legendary series, the princess is imprisoned by the vile villain of King Coop. And again, Mario, instead of fixing the water supply, sits on a fighting dragon and goes in search of his beloved. 74 game zones, each of which can be completed in several ways, many secrets, difficult opponents with their unique abilities – these are the chips of this particular game. Atmospheric music, lush landscapes and “Mario, your princess in another castle” – a feature of the entire series. Here he is – that same Mario! Have a nice game!

The brothers Mario and Luigi found themselves in a new world inhabited by outlandish characters and discovered extraordinary opportunities. The game has become a bestseller and does not lose popularity to this day.

In Super Mario World, brave plumber brothers end up in Dinosaur Land. Here they meet the cute dinosaur Yoshi, who becomes their faithful friend and companion. The magnificent three have to fight with Bowser and his minions and go through a dozen levels teeming with enemies.

So saddle Yoshi and go ahead! Remember: this cute little dragon swallows enemies without blinking an eye! Remember to use the new Cape Feather Bonus. With it, you can easily soar under the clouds, where an awesome adventure awaits you!

This part of the Mario game is somewhat similar to Super Mario World ROM Download but is it new adventures, skills, friends and of course enemies await you. In addition to new skills, Mario has assistants, in the form of a dinosaur. High-quality and interesting game in the series She can be called the second birth of a plumber in 16 bits. The plot, like the gameplay, on the whole, remained the same as on the Dandy, but everything else on SNES was seriously transformed for the better. As in the very first Mario, in Super Mario World, King Bowser again abducts the princess, and a brave plumber goes to rescue her, breaking through crowds of enemies.


The hero has to go around seven worlds (and two additional ones), defeat Bowser’s army, after which he will already reach the main castle and defeat the villain who has abducted the princess in battle. An interesting feature is the presence of a card and a huge number of bonuses and hidden levels. You will need a lot of time, patience and resourcefulness to go all 100%, finding all the secret levels and overcoming them. In the process of passing you will be disturbed by enemies of many types, many of which we already know from earlier games about Mario.

You will also need to collect coins and other useful things and bonuses along the way. But you can’t get too involved in the gameplay, because time is running out! In general, the Super Mario World turned out to be a classic Mario, but significantly improved and improved. Therefore, all true fans of the mustachioed Italian must download this ROM.


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